Beijing Dentsu Attended the 7th Golden Awards

On December 4, 2015, the 2015 China Internet Marketing Summit Forum and the seventh Golden Awards ceremony was held in Shanghai. Beijing Dentsu EVP Li Xisha was invited to give a speech, and he presented awards as guests in the evening's awards ceremony. In addition, CDC ECD and Dentsu Brands China ECD Kazuki Tsuburaku was invited to speak at the Summit.


Li Xisha gave a speech titled "What Does the 4A Do in the Internet+ Times" and explored current hot topics such as big data, technological revolution, media selection, content marketing and so on. Drawing on his years of experience, he gave a detailed analysis and provided the audience with a unique insight into the era. In his view, the "big data is a gold mine and knowing how to mine and use it is crucial. Internet and big data help us to have a deeper understanding of consumers, and provide us with more favorable conditions."


From the perspective of "treating the audience as the core of ideas", Kazuki Tsuburaku gave a wonderful analysis of the Cannes Award-winning marketing case. Kazuki Tsuburaku summed it up in his speech, that "what we value is not technology, but the people around us, what's going on around us, and what the relationship is with the surrounding crowd. Of course, as we set the content, we use many new technologies, but these are just tools, the real goal is to serve the people. Before the campaign, we must take into account the audience's feelings and take people as the core of our creative thinking."




Li Xisha, Beijing Dentsu EVP


Kazuki Tsuburaku, CDC ECD and Dentsu Brands China ECD


Li Xisha (1st from right) presented award to the winner of the Golden Awards TOP Business Award