TOYOTA 86 KV and Marketing Campaign In 2014


Creativity: as the successor to three legendary sports cars in TOYOTA history, the TOYOTA86 carries on the real driving spirit; learning from the essence in its history to continue to evolve the classics with innovative technology breakthroughs. The work was created from two points: the consumer communication and product power expression with the aim to showcase the exceptional sports car spirit of 86.

● Theme 1: dare to play?

Creativity: The key visual uses the race track as the main element, taking the form of a split screen, to show the consumers of 86 its superior drift performance in a "provocative" attitude and to echo the theme.

● Theme2: Full Power Up

Creativity: the sharp xenon headlight is the focus of the key visual, surrounded by smoke to accentuate the compelling royal demeanor of the 86, while showing the stylish appearance of this sports car.


2004 Offline Activities

● No Play, No Style! 86 Test Drive Experience activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

The event gathered many racing enthusiasts and drift and car modification to the event to experience the 86 modification, drift, racing and many other contests, to have a firsthand experience of the TOYOTA 86's excellent control performance and the limitless fun of "play 86". The 86 Test Drive Experience used "no play, no style" as a slogan, which created a "cool" and "play" atmosphere in the test drive activity. A wide variety of modifications, exciting drifting training, the qualifying game, the ultimate challenge and other racing projects showcase the cool style of 86 and the owner who drove the car, as well as the fun to "play" with 86. The exciting drift and racing were the climax of the whole experience. First the professional drivers offered exciting drift performance, engine roar, tires wailing, lit up the atmosphere on this summer day. As the professional drivers got off the car, the car owners were gearing up to try and wanted a real exciting driving experience. Through professional guidance, even the beginners who have no drift experience could complete some basic drift action, which also reflected the easy handling of 86.

Test drive experience activities poster

Test drive experience activities

Test drive experience activities

● TOYOTA 86 experience day in Japan

Among the guests at the "No Play, No Style! 86 Test Drive Experience activitivies", we invited 20 lucky guests who won in the driving and drifting competitions to go to the Fuji Speedway to participate in the annual TOYOTA86 Day and visit TOYOTA exhibition and visit Tokyo, to experience the authentic  passion embodied by 86!

TOYOTA 86 experience day in Japan

● 2014 TOYOTA 86 static exhibition activities

We collaborated with the film “Gone With the Bullets” and created a cinema ads to promote the 86 vehicle information and to strengthen the people’s impression of 86. In addition, we had still exhibitions in the Beijing and Guangzhou shopping malls where young people gathered. Here, we have displayed the cinema advertising to deliver the young and stylish brand image of 86.

Static exhibition activities (Beijing station)


Static exhibition activities (Guangzhou station)