2015 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition TOYOTA "Hybrid City" Booth


Last April, the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition successfully came to an end. At the event, Toyota China teamed up with Beijing Dentsu and successfully planned an annual key booth - "Hybrid City", which perfectly demonstrated the concept of Toyota's younger trends and accentuated its determination to develop hybrid vehicles in China.

Booth Design

The booth design changed Toyota's classic red and white booth style, with dark shades of gray and black as the base. We largely used the red and blue elements to represent the dual-engine technology for decoration. With the whole concept of "Hybrid City", the background was designed with 15 huge high-rise buildings. The front of all the high-rise buildings were set with high-accuracy LED giant screen that went through the whole booth. From the distance they looked solid but when looked at closely, they were still separate high-rise buildings. On top of everything, we played a variety of 64m in width and 8m in height 13,312P high definition videos to give the audience an overall feeling of a dynamic booth.


After numerous screening by the creative planning team, we ultimately determined to show a performance that combined HIPHOP dance and ballet in order to reflect the dual-engine "hybrid" concept (two completely different things combined to create something new). To ensure a high-quality viewing experience, we invited a professional team and an actor from the Shanghai Opera to perform. The wonderful show exhibited the combination, complementation and advances of the hybrid engine and electric motor.

TOYOTA Hybrid Space

In order to allow the audience to further experience Toyota's related hybrid technology and world view, the planning team used 1/4 area of the booth as a "TOYOTA Hybrid Space" and adopted a variety of advanced equipment.


For this event, Beijing Dentsu had the co-operation, coordination and communication of more than twenty organizations and groups, with a rational use of about 10,000 people to successfully complete the show, which again reflected the overall offline planning and organization ability of Beijing Dentsu.