Guangzhou Toyota Motor Levin Micro-film Marketing


As the first model for GTMC to enter China's biggest market- the SML-H market, its brand recognition target is 60%, the annual sales target is 120,000 units.   



Target group: post 80s population, who are very self-confident. In addition, they have personality and flair, they have accumulated confidence and perseverance from experience in the society, and they pay attention to their internal growth, and have the desire to create the future. They are really aspire after the car that has: satisfactory appearance, personality, and great performance. So Levin is defined as a car with satisfactory appearance / personality, and great performance. The new model has set up an 'appearance + performance' positioning in the SML-H market.


Hollywood movie marketing: shoot a 9-minute micro-film, and edit 3 three-minute micro-film series. For online marketing, hold product launch around the movie as center, combining with advertising and PR events; for offline marketing, an exhibition tour among cinemas that covers the first and second-tier cities, while mobile cinemas are targeted at the third or fourth-tier cities, combined with film elements in local auto shows, to constitute a comprehensive movie promotion strategy. 



4 months after it is launched, the ad and PR promotion have covered 200 million target population, reaching a brand awareness of 50.4%, the event has direct contact with 3 million target consumer group, the micro-film and online popularity have accumulated to over 200 million. The sales have reached nearly 40,000 units.