CEO Keita Ishikawa was invited as the judge of 2021 Local Competitions of Young Lions

 The Local Competitions of Young Lions of 2021 came to a successful end after two days of online proposal from May 12th to 13th, CEO of dentsu mcgarrybowen China, Keita Ishikawa was invited to be the judge, Mo Kangsun, Lao Shuang'en, Bo Rongrong and other well-known creative people were also invited to be served as the judge. 


CEO Keita san said: "I enjoy experiencing the talent and passion of young contestants through this review. In addition, I think simplicity is very important as a judge. I value a contestant has the simple and unique idea, and the idea is backed by the strategy. Young Chinese admen excel in strategy, IDEA, PPT integration and presentation skills, they are the future of Chinese advertisement. I look forward to seeing more great achievements from them and ever-increasing young admen forging the international arena.  

Review scene of online proposal

This year’s competition was conducted in the form of online video proposals, and more than 400 works from more than 200 contestants were collected. After the online preliminary examination, a total of 150 contestants were shortlisted for the final review, and finally 144 contestants participated in the online proposal. It is reported that dentsumcgarrybowen China has participated in Local Competitions of Young Lions for consecutive years. This year, five groups of creative business line from three offices  signed up for the competition, and three groups of contestants were shortlisted for final review, one of them was lost and stopped at the second place in the plane group. 

Works in the final review

*Pictures are from the Local Competitions of Young Lions

*About Local Competitions of Young Lions: it is a global competition held by Cannes International Creative Festival for young creative people under 30 years old. This competition adheres to the idea of training the reserve talent of Chinese advertising industry, it aims to deliver the top young creative talent in China, demonstrate the wisdom of Chinese on the international stage and enhance the international influence of Chinese talents.