Rice of the Heroes


Award: Bronze, AD STARS 2019,Print Craft – Illustration category
Agent: Beijing Dentsu


In China, children enjoy a wide variety of foods like pizzas, hamburgers, pastas and more. Zhong He Feng Jing, China's leading rice brand, wanted to find a way to make them love rice more. But how do we convince children when they don't listen to advertisements?   



Children are inspired by legendary heroes from ancient Chinese history. So we researched and dug deeper into their heroes' stories, and discovered that rice played an important role in their adventures and victories. We identified these moments of our heroes with rice dishes and brought them to life.



We called upon their heroes and created an epic storybook, filled with inspiring stories and mouthwatering rice dishes. Each character's design was replicated and matched with ingredients to form the rice dishes. Rich of the Heroes was crafted with vibrant illustrations and interactive elements for children to put together and create their own rice dishes. By combing history a rice in a new way, children were hungry for more stories, best served with Zhong He Feng Jing. 


? Earned over 140 million campaign impressions and generated social buzz.