Beijing Dentsu Won 13 Awards at the 25th China International Advertising Festival

From September 27 to 30, 2018, the 25th China International Advertising Festival was held at the Harbin International Exhibition and Sports Center. Beijing Dentsu won 5 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze and 3 outstanding for a total of 13 awards.


On the evening of the 27th, at the 2018 China Advertising Great-wall Awards- Interactive Creative Awards & Media Marketing Awards ceremony, Beijing Dentsu won 4 Gold awards, 1 Silver award and 2 Bronze Awards. The work "Happiness alongside Your Journey" won the Gold trophy of Interactive Creative Awards microfilm category, "The Healing Cry" won the Gold trophy of Interactive Creative & Media Marketing Technological Innovation category, Bronze trophy of Interactive Creative - Public Service category, "The Longest wait" won the Gold trophy of Media Marketing – PR category, Bronze trophy of Interactive Creative viral video category, "Biangbiang Meow Characters" won the Silver trophy of Media Marketing - content marketing FMCG category.


2018 China Advertising Great-wall Awards-Interactive Creative Award Gold Trophy winning team representative (the 3rd from right) on stage

During the launch of the Corolla new model in April 2017, in order to enhance the brand awareness, Beijing Dentsu proposed the "Corolla family" concept as a marketing strategy to diversify the commodity, create a series that satisfies consumers in a variety of life scenes, and create a brand TVC “Happiness alongside Your Journey”. We focus on the creation of two aspects, the story and the music, revealing the deep emotion between father and daughter through the story and inviting a popular singer to perform classical music to tell a story that makes people feel happy and touched. Through the brand TVC, Corolla’s diversified product structure is demonstrated to strengthen the brand Image of "the first national car brand that can meet the various consumption patterns." From the perspective of well-being and the tone of the mainstream, the consumer's understanding and favorable impression of Corolla has been greatly improved.


Happiness alongside Your Journey

The role of "Mother" is equivalent to 2.5 times of the full-time workload. In China, 98% of the mothers are subject to too much pressure and feel more exhausted than ever. But for the mother, nothing is more soothing than the baby's first cry, because it will make mothers evoke the unspeakable excitement and joy at the time of birth. It is based on this insight that Beijing Dentsu created “The Healing Cry” for the vast number of mothers. We monitored 20 mothers for the level of their stress hormone-cortisol and after listening to a pre-recorded baby's initial cry, the analysis data showed that mothers ' cortisol decreased by 27%. We designed a special cure bottle for our new moms, and when they open, a baby's first cry is automatically played. More than 18 million news stories were reported by the domestic and overseas media, and 90% of the mothers felt the new power and positive energy from their hearts. 

nEO_IMG_微信圖片_20181008170202 - 副本.jpg

The Healing Cry

Another Gold trophy winner, "the Longest Wait" is a public service advertisement created by Beijing Dentsu for Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. In china, there are 17 million visually impaired people who, on average, have to wait 8.5 years to have a guide dog. The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank plans to promote a "Love and Light" public action plan, to support the Dalian Charity Association Guide Dog Dalian Base, to help more visually impaired people to have a guide dog as early as possible. Beijing Dentsu learned that VIP users of the Pudong Development Bank can enjoy non-queuing privileges. In order to persuade more of the Bank's VIP customers to participate in the charity program, we created a special queuing machine that can produce small tickets which say that they have to queue for 8.5 years long! Meanwhile, a hidden camera was used to record the real reaction of the Bank's VIP users when they saw the 8.5-year waiting time on the ticket. These real reactions were edited into a viral video that spread over the internet, reaping numerous concerns and discussions about the guide dog problem.

nEO_IMG_The Longest Wait-MidRes_chi RGB - 副本.jpg

The Longest Wait

For the Silver trophy winner “Biangbiang Meow Characters" launch project, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch created four mascots for FamilyMart. The mascots are eye-catching, funny and have a personality, which attracted wide attention. Since the end of April 2018, the 3-day online and offline pre-heat has reached 2 million interaction times. On the weekend, the kitties waited for everyone to come visit FamilyMart as the catchy songs and dances, fun interactions and popularity continue to attract a large number of fans. In just the first stop of the tour, it won 37.55 million+ cumulative readings. With its unique charm, "Biang! Biang! Meow" is about to become very popular!


Biangbiang Meow Characters

On the 29th China Advertising Great-wall Awards, Beijing Dentsu's work “Happiness alongside Your Journey” won a Gold trophy again, "A Nowhere Man" and "The World Repair Man Song" were also outstanding and won 2 Bronze trophies. In addition, the "Father and Daughter", " Canon EOS M ╳ CHENMAN" and "The World Repair Man Song" respectively won the Outstanding award of media marketing and the interactive creative category.


2018 China Advertising Great-wall Awards Gold Trophy winning team representative (the 2nd from right) on stage

In the past year, in the range of global, regional and national creative awards, Beijing Dentsu continued to gain great success. In the latest issued Campaign Brief Asia 2018 Creative Rankings, Beijing Dentsu ranked No.4 in China's hottest agencies, up from the 7th in 2017 and 21st in 2016. The significant improvement on the ranking in 2 consecutive years proves the company's remarkable progress in terms of creativity. In the future, Beijing Dentsu reinforce the combination of creative and digital, mobile, technology, as well as content marketing, and continuously keeps innovation. We will continue to strengthen the creative capacity in the future, generating the power of brand that drives continuous business growth for our clients.

Beijing Dentsu's achievements at the 25th China International Advertising Festival are as follow: 

award list_en_nEO_IMG.jpg

* About the China International Advertising Festival: founded in 1982, in 2008 it changed its name from China Advertising Festival to China International Advertising Festival. After more than 30 years of development, it has become a major event of high authority, professionalism, large scale and great influence in the advertising industry.