Beijing Dentsu Creatives Invited to be Judges of Major Advertising Events

It's the annual advertising events season again, Beijing Dentsu creative talents are invited to be judges for the 2018 Effie Greater China Award, China 4A Golden Seal Awards, China Advertising Great-wall Awards, Media Marketing Awards & Interactive Creative Awards, and AD STARS.


From September 15th to 16th, Twelve Tang, President of Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Dentsu"), was invited as the judge of Effie Greater China Award final judgment. Twelve Tang was appointed as the President of Shanghai Dentsu in June 2017 and in just over a year's time, he led Shanghai Dentsu to win the Skoda, FamilyMart, Nippon, Japan National Tourism Administration, Pechoin, Mitsubishi Electric, Swellfun, KFC, Sharp, Molinkx and many other new businesses. Prior to joining Beijing Dentsu, Tang Rui has worked for several well-known 4A agencies, covering a wide range of industries. 

"This year's Effie Greater China Award entries show great improvement in the creative integration of resources and social impact, diversity and coverage of the entries were also great, thanks to the openness of the Chinese market and the rapid development of digital life, which provide the creative works with new supporting points."



Twelve Tang, President of Shanghai Dentsu (third row, second from right)

From August 19th to 20th, Shanghai Dentsu CCO / CDC China Executive Director Kazuki Tsuburaku was invited as the 2018 Media Marketing Awards & Interactive Creative Awards judge. This is the second time that Kaz Tsuburaku has been invited to be the judge for this award. He will also be going to the United States in late September to be the LIA China judge.

"I'm very honored to serve as a judge again for the 2018 Media Marketing Awards & Interactive Creative Awards. The best part of being a judge for me is that I have the opportunity to see advertising creativity constantly trying to innovate, to show a creative spark, and eventually produce many outstanding creative works, which make me have more expectations for the advertising industry of tomorrow."

nEO_IMG_2G7A7420 - 副本.jpg

nEO_IMG_IMG_3310 - 副本.jpg

Kazuki Tsuburaku, Shanghai Dentsu CCO /CDC China Executive Director (second row, fourth from left)

From August 24th to 26th, Beijing Dentsu GECD Wu Xudong was invited as the judge for 2018 China Advertising Great-wall Awards, the third time for him to participate in this competition. In addition, this year he was also invited to serve as the judge for the IAI International Advertising Awards and the V-UP Vertical Screen Ads Creative Contests.

"Great Wall Advertising Awards is a competition that aims to promote excellent advertising creative works. These outstanding advertising works are in line with the international level of creativity, their artistic approaches are unprecedentedly abundant. The only shortcoming seems to be that with the rapid spread of the Internet environment, the quality of visual art in the print categories is declining."



Wu Xudong, Beijing Dentsu GECD (second row, first from right)

From September 15th to 16th, Shanghai Dentsu ECD KC was invited as China 4A Golden Seal Awards judge. KC is a creative talent who is good at strategy and has a unique insight into innovation and ideas, he has won the Cannes, D&AD, ADFEST, Spikes and many other international awards. In 2018 KC joined Shanghai Dentsu, leading his team to win the KFC, Skoda, GU and other well-known brands' business.

nEO_IMG_微信圖片_20180919111051 - 副本.jpg

nEO_IMG_微信圖片_20180918112610 - 副本.jpg

KC, Shanghai Dentsu ECD (first row, third from right)

On August 25, Shanghai Dentsu ACD Andrew Shee was invited as AD STARS preliminary judge. Andrew comes from Malaysia and he currently serves for the CDC China.


In recent years, Beijing Dentsu has been continuously investing its efforts in creativity, and ranked No.4 in China's hottest agencies of Campaign Brief Asia 2018 Creative Rankings, up by 3 positions compared to 2017. While Beijing Dentsu's creative strength is being recognized in the industry, its creative talents are also being invited to numerous events in China and abroad. We will continue to enhance our creativity capability and actively get involved in the assessment of major events and festivals, contributing to the development of the advertising industry.