Kazuki Tsuburaku Gives the Keynote Speech "Contents Creative" at MEXPO 2018

On July 4-5, 2018, the 8th MEXPO Communications Exhibition was held at the Beijing Millennium Hotel. Kazuki Tsuburaku, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch CCO, CDC China Executive Director, was invited to attend the event, and gave the "Contents Creative" keynote speech at "Solutions of Pan-entertainment" section in the afternoon of the 5th.

Kazuki Tsuburaku's speech revolves around creative content. He pointed out that a wide variety of content marketing is now everywhere, both in film and television or mobile, where content marketing has been widely used. But no matter in what form it is presented, the content should be based on life which conducive affect consumers. He uses the REVOICE PROJECT created by Australia Dentsu for patients with ALS and the DEAD WHALE created by Philippines Dentsu for the protection of the marine environment as examples to show that, content creation can be created with the discovery of specific problem and the offer of a solutions as the starting point, to provide client with new products and services.

In the recently ended Cannes Lions, Kazuki Tsuburaku was one of the 7 judges from China and served as the judge for the Industry Craft category. Here, he was most impressed by McDonald's outdoor advertising and he took it as an example to explain that the importance of content is much higher than the importance of contact point.

In his speech, Kazuki Tsuburaku also introduced the The Repair Man song that Beijing Dentsu created for the spark plug brand NGK for this target group repair man. For the special nature of the brand, the most important in the creation of content is to consider what kind of content can actually touch the targets and triggering their behavior.

He concludes: "In the era filled with content marketing, the scope of content creation is very wide. One of the most important things to keep in mind is how to create content that can have a strong association and interaction with the audience. The content needs to be people-oriented." 


Beijing Dentsu works "The Repair Man Song"

Kazuki Tsuburaku, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch CCO, CDC China Executive Director

At the MEXPO Exhibition Beijing Forum 

* About the MEXPO: Organized by the meihua.info, the event invite the industry well-known enterprises and leading figures to jointly organize the annual event of the communications industry, with the aim to show the industry's annual change and progress to media, marketing services and advertisers, to build a bridge between "corporate communications and marketing needs" and "communication industry resources and technology", to promote the communication and cooperation among upstream and downstream of the industry, and realize the core mission "marketing center" of the meihua.info.