2018 One Day for Change

- Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch Charity Run

On May 19, 2018, to be in line with Beijing Dentsu headquarters, Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch (hereinafter referred to as the Guangzhou Dentsu) 2018 One Day for Change Charity Run was held at the Guangzhou Haizhu National Wetland Park. Tu Jianfeng, President of Guangzhou Dentsu, and more than 30 employees with their families participated in the event. The event combines running and public welfare, to encourage employees to challenge themselves and support charities to raise funds for children of charity organizations. 


Before the start of the event, Tu Jianfeng expressed his gratitude and encouragement to the employees and their families who actively participated in this charity run. He said: “The Dentsu Aegis Network has always been committed to bringing a positive influence to our community through a series of CSR activities. This is the fifth year in the Asia Pacific region to carry out the One Day for Change volunteer activity and continues last year's theme - children. The company will, based on the calculation of the participant's completed kilometers* 50 yuan, convert the final completed number of kilometers into donations for the children's charities, to help and support the children in need. 


Tu Jianfeng gave an address

Although the temperature in Guangzhou on the day was as high as 35 degrees, the hot weather did not stop the pace of more than 30 volunteers. Everyone wanted to run as many kilometers as possible within a specified period of time in order to raise more money. 



Setting up the pedometers before starting, ready to run.


After the stipulated time ended, the volunteers reached the finishing line and the pedometer software recorded the footsteps of everyone running and the number that showed their efforts and sweat. Eventually, this year's One Day for Change charitable activities successfully came to an end with a total of 171.48 Km completed. The event will donate money to the Longfei Children Relief Association to support poor children in serious illness relief projects.


See you at the "One Day for Change" event next year!

* One Day for Change: ODFC is an important part of the Global CSR Project "Future Proof" by the Dentsu Aegis Network(DAN). Through the joint efforts of all brands and through various forms of volunteer activities, it brings changes to groups in need.

* Longfei Children Relief Association: Longfei Children Relief Association was initiated in 2009 by the loving mothers who participated in the rescue of abandoned baby Zeng Longfei who had leukemia. The group has long been dedicated to the rescue and serves children in poverty. Over the years, it has helped more than 300 poor children with major diseases.