Kazuki Tsuburaku Gave a Speech for Fudan University

On May 17, 2018, the Campus Tour Fudan University station of the 10th National College Students Advertising Design Competition was successfully held. Nearly 300 teachers and students from Fudan University, East China Normal University, Donghua University, Shanghai Institute of Technology and Shanghai Art and Design Academy gathered in the school of Journalism at Fudan University to participate in the event. Kazuki Tsuburaku, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch CCO, Executive Director of CDC China, was invited to give a speech with the theme "King of Contents Era" for teachers and students.



Kazuki Tsuburaku shares the keynote speech "The King of Contents Era"


Kazuki Tsuburaku explained what the content is and how to create content from the perspective of a creative talent. Through rich and detailed cases, he pointed out that the insight into facts and people is the most important step in content creation. The "Fami-navi" that Kazuki Tsuburaku has created for Citroen is based on the human insight that "drivers will be more cautious when they have loved ones around" and carry this out by recording the sounds of loved ones as navigation and driving tips.。


While sharing the works, Kazuki Tsuburaku guides the students in their approach to creative thinking: “Strategic thinking precedes creative thinking. Before creation, people and products are the first things to think about only the work that is based on this can really touch consumers." At the end of the speech, he pointed out that “Even if with the trend of artificial intelligence replacing human labor, creativity is still an area that cannot be replaced by robots.”


Dongfeng Citroen "Fami-Navi"

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For a long time, Beijing Dentsu has maintained very good relations of cooperation with many universities and contributed to advertising education. We are committing create value for the brand, create more works that can resolve practical problems based on consumer insights, which show our perseverance and innovation in the creative and professional area.

* About the National College Students Advertising Design Competition: It is sponsored by the China Higher Education Association and the Ministry of Education's Journalism and Communication Professional Teaching Steering Committee. It is by far the largest university campus contest in China, covering a wide range of institutions of higher learning, and has the largest number of participants, and is a high level of national student competition.