Beijing Dentsu Wins the 2018 Omnimedia Strategy Business of Youku Tudou

Recently, Youku Tudou called for a pitch for its ominimedia strategy business in 2018. This pitch has attracted the competition among Beijing Dentsu, Groupm, Publicis Groupe and Blue Focus. Beijing Dentsu finally won the pitch by excellent performance in the competition.


In the proposal, Beijing Dentsu did an accurate analysis on Youku and created a strategic plan, which was guided by a clean-cut strategic mind, the experience of serving clients in the same industry and a multi-dimensional data application. Its fast and delicate simultaneous response impressed the client and finally defeated other competitors to become the partner of Youku Tudou. In the first quarter of service, Beijing Dentsu's quality and professional services were highly complimented by the client and further acquired the partnership contract with sub-brands of Ali's culture and entertainment sector.