Beijing Dentsu Wins Mitsubishi Electric 2018 CES Exhibition Activities Business

Recently, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Dentsu") along with Dentsu Tec won the pitch for Mitsubishi Electric's 2018 CES exhibition activities business. After comparing the operation level, implementation quality management and pricing in many round, Shanghai Dentsu successfully won this business.


During the proposal, on the basis of in-depth communications with all parties and the client, the Shanghai Dentsu Mitsubishi Electric team showed to the clients the innovation capability of Shanghai Dentsu and Dentsu Aegis Network. As well as assistant with the rich experience in CES events organization of Dentsu Tec, Shanghai Dentsu won the client's trust. Meanwhile, they also made reasonable adjustments in the price, so that the client can get the most effectiveness with limited budgets and for this reason, they finally succeeded in winning the pitch.