Beijing Dentsu Facilitates Cooperation between Corolla Hybrid Club and Film "Miracles of the General Store"

What does an exquisite lifestyle like?

People give a variety of definitions. It could be trying out popular restaurants on the weekend, traveling and visiting long-lost old friends. Its meaning could be very different for everyone, but it could also be reading a good book, or watching a movie that comforts you.


Corolla Hybrid has been seriously committed to delivering an exquisite life to more people. The Hybrid Club is a social platform focusing on model brand and sales promotion. However, the growth of new fans has decreased since 2017. In order to increase the attention of fans and their enthusiasm for interaction, Beijing Dentsu helped Corolla Hybrid join hands with "Miracles of the General Store" to bring New Year's benefits to consumers.

China's film market has continued to grow at a high speed. Seeing films has become people's regular entertainment. On the other hand, there are many movies released and they can attract a great amount of attention and become hot topics at the end of the year. Corolla Hybrid took advantage of this opportunity to launch a film-related Hybrid Club fan interactive event, causing an another wave of attention. 


It collaborated with the famous IP adaptation movie "Miracles of the General Store" to attract attention with its topicality. In addition, with the film theme H5, it interacted with fans, distributed movie tickets, books and other works to promote the growth of fans. This can develop the Hybrid Club while expanding brand awareness and favorability.