Beijing Dentsu Created a Winter Olympics Campaign for Toyota


The Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics, the first major international event in 2018, had come to an end. Naturally, no major brands would miss this sporting event marketing competition. As the only Olympic global partner in automotive industry, Toyota had made frequent appearances during this Winter Olympics. From content development to media channel selection, it made a series of effective combined actions.

Join Forces to Quickly Kick Off Marketing

On the eve of the Winter Olympics, Toyota, in conjunction with Tencent Sports and a third-party research company, jointly released the "2018 China Ice and Snow Industry White Paper." Accurate and detailed data and analysis received attention from many professionals and consumers concerned about the Chinese ice and snow industry and have strengthened the image that Toyota is a promoter of ice sports in the minds of the audience.


The subsequent cross-border photo exhibition of Toyota Motors + Tencent Sports + Chen Man showed the attitude of the Chinese Ice Snowman (Ice and Snow Sports Athletes, Ice and Snow Sports Enthusiast) of “Start Your Impossible" and interpreted the charm of snow and ice sports.

After the opening of the Winter Olympics, effective branding was carried out through Tencent Sports popular program "The First Time", from pre-video advertisements, pop-up ads to the interpretation of the spirit of "Start Your Impossible" in interviews.

Resource Integration for Viral Marketing

Integration of a number of core media resources, comprising Tencent, Sohu, CCTV + information-based Today's Headlines, Netease News, and



Close Interaction to Increase Social Influence Through Social Platforms

WeChat + Weibo form a social matrix for in-depth mining of social media influence of the audience of the Winter Olympics.


Toyota took the lead in naming the official Winter Olympics topic #2018 Winter Olympics#, and launched the "Start Your Impossible" campaign to guide netizens to issue a declaration to never say impossible, and select the athlete who represents this spirit. The real-time interaction of Toyota's official Weibo account mobilized the enthusiasm of netizens.


The Olympic-themed video advertisements that Toyota meticulously produced were integrated into the user's reading experience in the form of cards and published in WeChat Moments. In addition, many WeChat public accounts and We Media were also included to convey Toyota Motors' Start Your Impossible spirit.


Spiritual Interlinking to Trigger Internal Emotional Resonance

During the Games, Toyota conducted strategic cooperation with Tencent, focusing on the social networking platform, with the fundamental starting point of contributing to Toyota China's rejuvenation strategy with the help of the Chinese Internet's most influential platform for the younger generation.