Hiroshi Yoda Was Invited to Give a Keynote Speech in the MEXPO 2017

On June 28th - 29th, 2017, the 7th MEXPO themed "Diversity ● Exploration" Beijing session was held. Hiroshi Yoda, Beijing Dentsu Group Executive Creative Director, was invited to attend and he gave a keynote speech titled "Insight × Technology" at the summit section on June 28th.

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Hiroshi Yoda, Beijing Dentsu Group Executive Creative Director, gave a keynote speech

Yoda's speech focused on the 4 representative innovation cases that Beijing Dentsu created for brands using digital technology. Through the introduction of each case, he explained the theme, which is "the combination of insight and technology is the solution that connects individual, clients and social issues." From the solution for safe driving "Fami-Navi," to the "Changing Room" that lets consumer enjoy discounts and make convenient donations, to "Sonic Sweetener" that reduces sugar consumption, and the "Air Pollution Discount" that lets consumer enjoy different discounts according to the degree of air pollution. Each case begins by causing people to pay attention to the practical social problems, using the advertising men’s unique perspective on consumer insights and analysis, supplemented by the current popular digital technology, in order to cause people’s concerns and thinking on practical social issues. It will enhance the brand image and promote product sales by creating topics and stimulating discussion and dissemination. While gaining good publicity, it also won the praise of the industry. Hiroshi Yoda said in his speech that: "We live in the digital age and in the field of communication, technology is the powerful weapon that presents creativity and insight. It can help us create topics from "insight" and then convert it into solutions. We should not fear new technology, instead we should use it to make our creativity more imaginative."

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The "Sonic Sweetener" case that reduces sugar consumption

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The "Air Pollution Discount" case lets consumer enjoy different discounts according to the degree of air pollution

The audience showed great interest and attention to the cases of Beijing Dentsu introduced in Hiroshi Yoda's speech. In recent years, the trend in advertising is to "use good ideas to solve practical social problems and improve people's lives." Beijing Dentsu is also committed to continuously integrate technology into our creativity based on consumer insights. While creating value for the brand, we will also pay more attention to social problems solution.

* Hiroshi Yoda: Beijing Dentsu Group Executive Creative Director. He entered Dentsu Inc. in 1993, and served in the 3CD Department, Beacon Communications, CDC Department and other creative departments. In March 2006, he began to work in Beijing Dentsu. He has served many well-known clients, such as Canon, FAW Toyota, Lenovo, Nissan, Honda, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Subaru, Panasonic, McDonald's, P&G, Tencent, Lotte, Meiji, Shiseido, and etc. He has won Cannes, London International Awards, IBA Award, Clio Awards, SAP Award, Japan ACC Award, Dentsu Advertising Awards, Taiwan Times Asia-Pacific Awards, New York Film Festival, China Advertising Great-wall Awards, Crystal Awards, Effie Awards and many creative awards.