"Childlike Innocence"

Guangzhou Dentsu "One Day for Change" CSR Volunteer Activity

Before Children's Day, in following the theme of "Care for Children" for "One Day for Change" volunteer program advocated by Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) China, volunteers from Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch and the Guangzhou Enshan Social Service Center teamed up to hold the "Childlike Innocence" public benefit activity celebrating the Children's Day for the children of the community.


Guangzhou Enshan Social Service Center is a municipal non-governmental service institution. It mainly provides community-based rehabilitation for children, adolescents, families and the elderly in Jinhua Street Community, Liwan District. This year, the theme of "One Day for Change" activity is "Care for Children". Over 60% of children in Jinhua Street Community are 6 to 12-year-old primary school students. So the valuteers of Guangzhou Dentsu expected to take the opportunity of the Childen's Day to help them.


More than 100 children of Jinhua Street Community gathered at the Community Center to participate in the "Childlike Innocence" garden party that day. Before the event, the person responsible for Guangzhou Enshan Social Service Center, thanked the Guangzhou Dentsu for its support on behalf the children. A brief and meaningful donation ceremony was held after that. Chen Tianle, Director of Guangzhou Dentsu, as the representative presented the gifts and accepted the letter of thanks. Guangzhou Dentsu presented the children with beautiful and vibrant potted plants as gifts, with the implied meaning that children are the hope of society and need the love and care of every member of society. After the donation ceremony, the volunteer representatives and children from the community performed a wonderful show.


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Chen Tianle presented gifts and accepted the letter of thanks as the representative


A girl was performing a wonderful Latin dance

After the performance, the children enjoyed a variety of booth games that the volunteers prepared for them. In order to enable the children to enjoy themselves, the volunteers specially prepared 9 booth games. Each child could receive an exquisite gift as long as he/she completed seven games and got seven stamps.


"Blind Hero Saves the Princess": The children blindfolded to play "the blind man" and save his “princess"


"My Magic World": The children are guided by volunteers to make various poses


"Three-legged Race": With the encouragement of the volunteers, the children bravely took the first step

During the activity, the children actively participated in every game, and the responsible volunteers patiently explained the rules of the games to the little children, and showed them how to complete the game. The volunteers moved the children with their sincerity and friendliness, and the children's naivety also infected the volunteers. Encouraged by the volunteers, all children successfully completed the games, and ultimately received their favorite plants through their own efforts.


The volunteers presented the children with vibrant plants as gifts


The children love each plant very much

Every child, like a seedling, needs the care and love of every member of our society. We expect that the "One Day for Change" program would bring a bit of change to the children's life, so that they can grow better.


One Day for Change, see you next year