The 19th Anniversary of Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch

May 17, 2017, to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the establishment of the Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch, the all-employee group photo was taken according to the usual practice every year on, and colleagues especially shared the anniversary celebration photos in their WeChat friend circles to collect thumbs-up and win gifts.

In the morning, all leaders and employees of Guangzhou Dentsu gathered together at the south square of the Yuexiu Financial Tower, the office building where the company is located, to take the 19th commemorative photo full of the ceremonial sense. Over 19 years, Guangzhou Dentsu has kept growing and the employee team also keeps increasing under the strong support of clients and partners.

The 19th anniversary celebration family photo of Guangzhou Dentsu

After photo taking, colleagues all made the interesting sidelights of the shooting site and the 19th anniversary icon "My Love in Guangzhou Dentsu" into a poster to cheer the birthday of Guangzhou Dentsu.

The 19th anniversary icon "My Love in Guangzhou Dentsu"

Next year, Guangzhou Dentsu will celebrate its 20th anniversary. We will continue to work hard and achieve greater performance. Embracing Guangzhou Dentsu, let's fight for it!