Beijing Dentsu DACCS Shines in Top Touch Forum

During the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, the "Top Touch ? 2017 Automobile Cross-industry Innovation Forum" was held in Shanghai on April 20th. Ms. Ma Yinong, Group Account Director, IPC, Beijing Dentsu, was invited to give a topic speech entitled "China's Automobile Consumers Portrait - DACCS 2016".


Ms. Ma Yinong gave a speech



In her speech, Ma Yinong explained the background of the DACCS from two aspects of "China's Automobile market development status" and "China's Automobile consumers' characteristics", which was followed by an in-depth interpretation of the survey. The DACCS 2016 survey has both "depth" and "breadth". Bundled with the CMMS database, it comprehensively presents the behavior track, ideology and life style of the consumers in their consumption of cars and other products, and the survey content has been expanded to include hybrid-energy vehicles (HEV) and other new energy cars. Additionally, combined the results of the analysis of the respondent attributes, lifestyle, car buying properties and so on, the survey depicts the most representative profiling of the eight groups.


*DACCS 2016 :Dentsu Automobile China Customer Survey 2016


“China's Automobile Consumers Portrait - DACCS 2016


By participating in this forum, Beijing Dentsu has deepened its communication with the industry experts across multiple industries in terms of automobile and business, automobile and Internet, automobile and technology, automobile and finance, automobile and marketing, and other diversified industrial aspects, meanwhile it also shows Beijing Dentsu's ability to provide precision marketing in the digital age.


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