Focus on Data and Content in 2017

Mr. Akimasa Baba named Innovative Marketing 100 Peple


"Good Innovation." is Dentsu Group's corporate philosophy. Dentsu headquarters in Japan has always been committed to leading the innovation trends of the global marketing communication industry. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics communication film played at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics has attracted attention worldwide, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics campaign is the project that Dentsu is deeply involved in.


Founded in 1994, Beijing Dentsu inherited the DNA of Dentsu, and has always been leading the innovation of the advertising agency business. In 2016, Beijing Dentsu proposed a unique solution for social problems with innovative techniques, creating the Changing Room (C&A), FAMI-NAVI (Citroen) and many other cases that have won numerous domestic and reginal advertising awards. Among them, the Happy Pocky Face (Glico) campaign that uses the innovative technology of face recognition not only helped clients improve sales volume, but also has won many awards. In addition, entertainment and sports content marketing is also Beijing Dentsu's strength, we helped Alibaba become a FIFA Club World Cup title sponsor. And at the same time, we developed IP business with a focus on Japanese content, and actively develop the entertainment content marketing business.

Recently, there was an argument saying that "4A is dead". I think it is a biased opinion. When a client is looking for creating a strong and sustainable brand, Beijing Dentsu is committed to providing integrated marketing communications services to them, and to constantly improve and upgrade. Beijing Dentsu has two potent tools, the first is a business-centric "integration capability", and the second is "marketing and planning capability". The strengths of Beijing Dentsu and Dentsu Aegis Network are to make use of the advantages of various expertise and integrate them when faced with increasingly complex marketing topics from the clients. When I became CEO of Beijing Dentsu last year, I initiated a reform in Beijing Dentsu. While strengthening the "integration capability" and the "marketing and planning capability", at the same time, we also combined the data marketing to make precise response according to the client's marketing communications topics.


In 2017, we will focus on the two aspects of "data marketing" and "content marketing". In particular the combination of "data marketing" with our strengths "marketing and planning capability”, so we can more effectively carry out marketing PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Action) process for clients. Last year, the Dentsu Aegis Network purchased the North America-based CRM agency MERKLE. Beijing Dentsu has rich experience in providing various clients with CRM business solutions. Therefore, in the future we hope that through close cooperation with MERKLE in the data marketing, we can provide more advanced services to our clients.

The direction of marketing is no doubt "100% digital", but instead of 100% transforming to online, I think it means the effective integration of online and offline and integrated management for all marketing activities including business. At the beginning of 2017, Alibaba Group proposed the takeover of a large scale shopping mall Yintai Retail Group which proves the above trend. With the combination of online and offline, brand value has become more important. Above all, Beijing Dentsu will continue to strive to create a strong and sustainable brand and provide integrated marketing communications services for the clients.


An interesting case of last year is the Changing Room campaign activities that Beijing Dentsu CDC China created for the international apparel brand C&A, which combined digital with creativity. When consumers enter the fitting room and hang the clothes to the hook, it activates the LED display screen with the images of children living in the poor mountainous areas who are in need of donation, and consumers can choose to donate their discounted amount as a donation. It not only increases sales, but also can make a contribution to society. This case got numerous domestic and reginal awards.

Since I became CEO of Beijing Dentsu, there are two things that surprised me: the first one is the scale and pace of development of China's market; and the second is, in many ways, in terms of marketing communications, China is the world's leading markets. In this environment, Beijing Dentsu will become one of the most innovative agencies by implementing "Good Innovation.", not only contributing to the client's brand and business, but also "helping China surprise the world through marketing activities". These are the opportunities as well as the challenges for Beijing Dentsu.