"Full Engine, Step Forward"

Toyota's Booth on 2016 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

On November 18th-27th, 2016, the 14th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition hold successfully, Beijing Dentsu collaborated with Toyota again to create the "Full Engine, Step Forward" themed booth, attracting a large number of visitors. Meanwhile, Beijing Dentsu has arranged a special press conference for Toyota.


At the exhibition, Toyota presented two new models, and presented the models in terms of energy saving, safety technology, local R&D in China, sales value chain structure reform, production unit structure reform and other aspects. It is committed to put customers as the center of its attention, to show consumers Toyota's strength and power.


Toyota abandoned its traditional rounded design at the exhibition, boldly used the acute angle and diagonal design, the combination of various colors to show its sharpness without losing the sense of affinity. The VR and an interactive presenting improve effectively the audience's understanding of the technical aspects.


The Toyota booth

Technology X Safety Toyota experience zone

We created the video for this Toyota press conference under condition without any materials of the new models. Utilizing with wide LED screen, the video effectively contributed to the debut of the new small energy-saving model vehicles.

Toyota press conference

The event strongly conveys the brand and enterprise development policy, while taking into account the sales. Beijing Dentsu is responsible for the coordination, the booth design, operational arrangements, and help Toyota successfully held the Auto Show and the press conference. It reflects Beijing Dentsu's capability of offline event planning and organization..