Akio Oyo Attended the 2016 Sports Marketing Summit and Gave a Keynote Speech

On September 22, 2016, the 2016 Sports Marketing Summit came to an end in the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel. More than 600 sports industry elites gathered to discuss the essence of the perfect collaboration between sports industry and marketing. Akio Oyo, Senior Vice President of Beijing Dentsu, GM of Guangzhou Branch, and Managing Director of Content Marketing Department, was invited to attend the summit and gave a keynote speech, to share the Sports Marketing in the Eyes of Dentsu Person with the industry professionals.

Sports have become an effective means of communication with consumers today. As an advertising agency that particularly focuses on communication, Dentsu will also focus on sports as the direction of development. At the summit, Akio Oyo introduced Dentsu’s development history in the fields of sports: initially Dentsu helped Japanese companies sponsor events in Japan, and gradually becomes the participant in current world of sports marketing. With a global network of Dentsu, Dentsu Sports is headquartered in Tokyo, with branches extending to London in Europe, Singapore in Asia, Beijing in China, New York in the United States, Sao Paulo in Latin America and other branches, thus forming a global network of sports service. In the process of development of sports marketing, Dentsu took the initiative to take risks, actively participated in the design of rights and interests controlled for sports federations, association, and teams by providing a long-term customer service. Akio Oyo expressed at the summit that, Dentsu has a double identity in the participation of sports marketing. It may be an agent of resources, and it may be the client's agent, or even it may represent both sides, and it is because of the use of Dentsu’s resources and knowledge, it can properly handle the dual roles of being a “client” and a “supplier”.

“Sponsorship is just the entrance ticket to marketing; sponsorship has to be ‘activated’ to be truly realized.” Akio Oyo focused on explaining the importance of activation after sports sponsorship. Sponsorship of a competition is like buying an entrance ticket, the most important part for a company is what to do after buying a ticket. If you just get the sponsorship without a systematic development, then the sponsorship is just an entrance ticket you have bought, and there is no real meaning. With a ticket you have the right to do something, the use of this right is the core of sports marketing, to use sports to mobilize the audience's emotions, and this is the real value of sports marketing.

At present, Content Marketing Department led by Akio Oyo has two main businesses, one is a sports marketing, and another is entertainment marketing. Dentsu's sports business areas include 7 areas, including sponsorship, broadcasting rights, sponsorship activation, event production, reception, athlete agents and other aspects. In addition to continuing advantage in customer service within Japan, Dentsu Sports also provides service to Midea and Lenovo in China, China Petrochemical, Huawei, KFC (China) and other well-known domestic clients.

The summit is organized by the country's oldest sports media Sports Money, all participants in the summit exchanged their insights in the sports marketing. At the summit, Sports Money issued its exploratory outcomes on the Olympic Games marketing effectiveness of sports brands, and that is the Rio Olympic Brand Value Report while following the first two award events in 2014 and 2015, it also launched the third annual sports award - 2016 Chinese Sports Industry Award.


Akio Oyo gave a keynote speech