Beijing Dentsu Attend the “Discover Dalian City Image Summit”

On August 9, 2016, “Discover Dalian City Image Summit”, co-hosted by Dalian Advertising Association and China Brand Communication Alliance, was held in Dalian International Conference Center. The forum featured topics such as urban culture and brand creativity, as well as development of new technologies. There were keynote speeches and in-depth dialogue in terms of the city cultural industries, city image, new media Wi-Fi, new technology application and so on. Li Xisha, Executive Vice President of Beijing Dentsu and Wang Yue, Senior Group Account Director of Beijing Dentsu were invited to participate in the forum. At the same time, Wang Yue gave a speech on the topic of "Brand Marketing in Digital Age".

In his speech, Wang Yue shared his views of brand building in the mobile Internet era in two aspects. Firstly, he described in detail the main changes of the role of consumers in the digital age and how enterprises respond to the changes of the consumer, and explained Consumer Engagement Model. Secondly, he talked about the basic principles and key breakthrough points of the brand communication in the social media environment, and the brand countermeasures in the changing environment by further analysis of many well-known cases.

Through this forum, Beijing Dentsu deepened the exchanges with well-known experts, scholars and industry elites and jointly discussed the in-depth integration of media, technology and enterprise in the new age to show that, while Beijing Dentsu constantly pursues innovation in the digital domain, it has the capability to provide customers with more high quality and accurate service.


Wang Yue, Senior Group Account Director of Beijing Dentsu was giving the speech