Ouyang Mingshen Attended the 12th China Advertising Forum

April 22, 2016, Hosted by China Advertising Association, the 12th China Advertising Forum was held at the National Advertising Industrial Park in Changchun, Jilin Province. More than 50 industry experts and scholars from top advertising companies inside and outside of China and over 800 representatives from various industries attended the forum, which was themed “The New Pattern of Advertising in the Era of Big Data”. Ouyang Mingsheng, General Manager of the Guangzhou Branch and Content Marketing Department Head of Beijing Dentsu was invited to deliver a speech on the forum.


On the 11th session of the forum organized by Beijing Dentsu on April 23, Ouyang Mingsheng, GM and Content Marketing Office Director of the Guangzhou Branch delivered a themed speech entitled “Is Content Marketing a New Thing?” Mr. Ouyang explained content marketing from three perspectives. Firstly, communication is the essence of any type of marketing. Without communication, neither sponsorship nor product placement can take effect. Secondly, create content that is strong in three aspects: imaginative, has a clear introduction of the product, and arouses the consumers’ interest in the product. Thirdly, create relevance for the sake of more possibilities in content. We’re surrounded by content but how can we relate it to the company’s needs once it is created? Advertising companies are experts in establishing relevance. Fragmented content won’t make sense unless it can help companies establish relevance. He also emphasized that we should make use of our sponsorship to do marketing, which is the right thing advertising marketing should do. Then, Mr. Ouyang further interpreted content marketing by referring to a work produced by Beijing Dentsu, a piece of music marketing for a new car campaign.


China Advertising Forum has been organized successfully for several years since 2005 in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Yinchuan. Beijing Dentsu has taken part in the forum for three consecutive years and for each year a representative from Beijing Dentsu was invited to deliver a themed speech at the forum. Beijing Dentsu will continue to share its insights into the latest advertising trends in major forums and promote the development of the advertising industry through the power of sharing.


Ouyang Mingsheng, GM of the Guangzhou Branch and Content Marketing Department Head, Beijing Dentsu

The themed lecture


China Advertising Forum scene