Corolla, Let Happiness Speak Up



Create a popular topic on the first anniversary of the launch of Corolla, maintain model recognition, while continuing the claims of "high-class and advance",  strengthen the claims of "family or living" .   



Starting with emotional communication, address the lack of emotional communication caused by the fast pace of work and life today.



With a series of "Let happiness speak up" micro-films starring Louis Koo, as well as scene reappearance of the "yellow box" in the  micro-films, the "Let happiness speak up" event encourages people to speak out about what they have in mind. Combining online and offline activities to enhance the brand favorability of Corolla and thus collect consumer information to promote sales.


Corolla "Let happiness speak up" Online Communications PV reaches more than 6.11 million,  173% of  the cost-benefit ratio during Corolla's launch. Offline tour covered all provincial and regional capital cities and key third tier and fourth tier cities, which amounted to 38 cities, collecting 15,041 copies of user information with a completion rate up to 188%.