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Beijing Office Won FAW-Volkswagen Creative Mandate

3 months ago

The Beijing office of dentsumcgarrybowen China has won the FAW-Volkswagen creative account following a competitive pitch process. dentsumcgarrybowen China will be responsible for integrated marketing strategy, creative and PR annual services for the FAW-Volkswagen SUV and electric vehicle models.

Beijing Office Helped TOYOTA bZ Launch

4 months ago

Beijing Office successfully helped the TOYOTA bZ's global debut through China's EV market analysis, strategy formulation, and implementation.

Beijing Office Created New Brand Video For Takara Shuzo

4 months ago

Beijing office created a new brand video "The Mystery of Sake Brewing" for Takara Shuzo to show the high quality of Japanese sake and enhance brand and product awareness.

Beijing Office Won Nescafé’s Annual Social Media Operation & Creative Advertising Business

5 months ago

Beijing Office won the annual social media operation and creative advertising business from Nescafé parent brand’s business department.

Beijing Office Helped Nestlé Launch New Year’s Campaign

6 months ago

Beijing Office helped Nestlé launch its New Year’s Campaign. The Campaign displays warm-hearted accompany during the pandemic by turning “Wish you a happy new year” into “Enjoy a happy new year together with you”.

Beijing Office Helped Subaru Exhibition at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

10 months ago

Beijing Office helped Subaru design and operate its exhibition at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition with the core concept of “The Earth Circulation”, conveying a positive lifestyle that Subaru has long been advocating.

Beijing Office Helped Huawei Nova 7 and Luo Tianyi in Reaching Crossover Cooperation

1 years ago

Beijing Office Helped Huawei and Luo Tianyi, a famous Chinese vocaloid, in reaching crossover cooperation during the launch of Huawei Nova 7 by making IP proposal, assisting in their business negotiation and forming partnership, ensuring the brand’s rights and smoothly executing IP creatives.

Feature Stories III: Fighting against the Epidemic

1 years ago

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Beijing Dentsu joined hands with its customers hopefully to give a voice with love in fighting against the epidemic.

Beijing Dentsu Won MENGNIU Digital Business

1 years ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu won the digital and social communication creativity and production business for MENGNIU in 2020.

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